Monday, September 13, 2010


Mark Paulik, MBA is 50% of the Even Keel Trading dynamic duo. He's the technical, tactical, trader half with the key role to help you better navigate the intricacies of trade opportunities. His posts will be under the heading "Wind~Tide~Currents" and will address the subtle forces that move and shape markets.

We at EKT believe that without questions, and really good ones, we rarely discover anything new or worthwhile. So each week Mark will extract a really good question that was posed by a really curious trader and take you on a short mental journey that gets your wondering mind activated.
The framework for each post will be organized as follows:
  • Trader Quest ~ a really good question to get you wondering
  • Plot Course ~ tactical considerations to bring the wondering mind into strategic action
  • Ride Wave ~ a real life example of a trader who took their wondering mind and strategy for action and put it to the test in real markets with real money
We too will maintain our own curious mind and look forward to your comments so we know we're offering perspectives that matter.
~ Your EKT Coaches

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