Monday, February 21, 2011

Poised 2 Perform: What does it have to do with trading?

Even Keel, a.k.a. POISED 2 PERFORM, is a trader-tested performance system that when deliberately practiced, prepares a trader to better navigate uncertainty and manage the challenges of opportunity. Poised, is a balanced state of readiness that enables a trader to execute coherent decisions with efficiency and confidence.

In future posts, we will be sharing a brief overview of how to organize your trading process via the POISED structure to help you think through and bring shape to your own performance routine. Our upcoming book will provide a more in-depth account of this structured, yet flexible, learning process, and its impact on enhancing a traders psychological competence and ability to secure consistent profitability.

Dedication to continuous learning, like the rising and falling of ocean waves, is the driving force behind a traders consistent performance improvement. On a daily basis, traders we work with review their decision making process to sharpen their edge and prepare themselves for the next days opportunity. This process of readiness, regulation and review, is a circular feedback loop aimed at keeping a trader even keel and moving closer toward opportunity. 

The POISED system was developed in Chicago, real time, with real traders, on real markets with real money. We engaged traders in daily dialogues during and after market hours employing collaborative web-based technologies that enabled traders to access subtle nuances of their moment-to-moment decision making.

The rationale that supported trade execution and risk management became the mental practice field where new thinking and refined strategies were born. It became evident to us as coaches, that through deliberate mental and behavioral routines prior, during and after active trading, a professional trader can consistently grow their confidence and decision making prowess to secure proportionate and stable profits. 

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